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Eco-friendly seed paper

Eco-friendly seed paper

Paper recycling is not only one of the simplest ways to green our future, it is even more eco-friendly if the waste paper is pulped to produce paper sheets that contain seeds to grow flowers or herbs. By recycling paper we ensure that the carbon dioxide absorbed by plantation trees used to make the paper in the first place, is kept out of the atmosphere for longer.

Cleaner Environment

By recycling waste paper we also reduce the amount of recoverable packaging materials ending up in landfill (contributing to less pollution and litter), promoting job creation, a cleaner environment, and encouraging organic gardening through seed paper projects. Worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400 percent since the 1970’s, with 35 percent of plantation trees being used for paper manufacture.

Save Trees

There is a global outcry to create incentives to stop the continued destruction of indigenous forests or related ecosystems. The consequences of deforestation include soil erosion (when the rain water washes the nutrients in the top soil away), climate change (more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, thus increasing the effects of global warming) and pollution (ground, water and air pollution from oil extraction and mining chemicals). Trees have many commercial uses; their wood yields thousands of products including paper, medicines, food and various chemicals.

Organic Composting

Much of le cialis est il dangereux the wildlife on earth could not exist without trees (releasing oxygen into the air, providing habitats and food for many animals) and enriching the soil with their decaying leaves. Seed paper made from recycled paper (dried pressed flower petals and plant fibers can be added to the pulp to create texture), planted in soil to grow flowers or herbs, metabolizes as compost and is biodegradable. The viagra sans ordonnance resulting nutrients are returned to the soil to support plant growth.


There is something magical and unique about handmade paper. A wide variety of flower, vegetable, herb and tree seeds can be used in seed paper. Seed paper is widely used in diverse industries, including events and marketing. Brands are becoming aware of the engagement that can be achieved with seed paper while also aligning themselves with an environmentally friendly message.

Popular Promo Item

While paper makers have been producing paper that include seeds for centuries, this product is enjoying a resurgence of popularity worldwide and used to create for cards, invitations, bookmarks, door hangers, business cards, notebook covers, pamphlets, matchbooks, product packaging, swing tags, ‘green’ cremation urn/seeded (pillow box or pyramid box), envelopes, and different cut-out shapes (butterfly, dove, heart, flower pot, tree, house, key, and teddy bear).

Contact Theresa ( to order seeded-paper sheets (sizes: A3, A4) and flat-pack pre-cut/scored pyramid or pillow boxes.

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