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Self-employment Opportunities & Skills Development

Who I Am


Who I Am introduces Theresa Lütge-Smith, qualified to undertake the writing, editing and publishing services offered by BIZculture. Specialists in their field are regularly commissioned to contribute to projects.


Theresa Lütge-Smith is an established all-purpose communications specialist. Her career of more than 20 years has been a journey toward personal fulfillment, from oral hygienist to PRO to full-time writer and editor. The general progression of her professional life includes public relations, journalism, publishing, advertising, marketing, lecturing business management and tourism, graphic design, research, writing and editing. Theresa is a published author of four business-related books and writes for several print and online publications on a diverse range of topics. She has self-published several self-study tutorials (e-books), including Creative Writing, Business Writing, Getting Published, and Editing & Proofreading, as well as numerous “How To” e-books (topics include cake making, painting and illustrating, ornamental ironwork, and freelance writing). Many people don’t have the time nor the inclination to enroll for courses that require them to attend formal classes. These self-study tutorials and e-books allow them to expand their knowledge at their own pace and focus only on particular areas as needed. The motivation for self-study is varied. You may need to acquire specific skills to meet the criteria for a promotion or job application or simply to refresh latent or buried talents. Theresa Lütge-Smith is Editor of the South African Writers’ Network (SAWN), which serves as a platform from which both accomplished and novice writers can explore the wealth of writing information and writing-related job opportunities.

“In an economy defined by change and speed, my aim is to continually develop the ability to invent new processes and possibilities and to address its unanticipated effects; and to apply these ideas and practices to unmet human needs. I am particularly passionate about issues relating to changing patterns in global business; voluntary simplicity – finding alternatives to consumerism and ways to reduce our dependence on mainstream economics; and furthering global education through online training courses.”

Formal Sector Employment
Copywriter (Performing Arts Council)
Editorial Assistant (Foundation for Education, Science and Technology)
Development Officer (Boithusong Training Centre) skills development
News Reporter (Radio) SABC
Ad-hoc Lecturer (Damelin Business College)
Editor/Sub-Editor (magazines)
Published Author of four books:

  • Working From Home (1st edition 1990, 2nd edition 1993, 3rd edition 1995 – Struik Publishers South Africa)
  • Werk Uit die Huis (1st edition 1991, 2nd edition 1995 – Struik Publishers South Africa)
  • Make more money from your Ideas (1994 Zebra Press South Africa)
  • You can make Money – Low-Cost Businesses for South African Entrepreneurs (1996 Zebra Press)


  • 51 Steps to Starting a Micro/Small Business
  • Grade 3 Reader: “When I Grow Up I want to be …” plus Teacher’s Guide
  • Grade 4 Reader: “When I Grow Up I want to be …” plus Teacher’s Guide
  • Grade 5 Reader: “When I Grow Up I want to be …” plus Teacher’s Guide
  • Grade 6 Manual: “How to Run your own Business” plus Teacher’s Guide
  • Grade 7 Manual: “How to Run your own Business” plus Teacher’s Guide
  • Grade 8 Manual: “How to Run your own Business” plus Teacher’s Guide
  • How to Make Money … Freelance Writing
  • How to Make Money … Accommodation Agency
  • How to Make Money … Building Repairs Agency
  • How to Make Money … Building Services Agency
  • How to Make Money … Domestic Cleaning Agency
  • How to Make Money … Employment Agency
  • How to Make Money … Run a Children’s Playgroup
  • How to Make Money … Dressmaking
  • How to Make Money … Produce Ornamental Ironwork
  • How to Make Money … Painting and Illustrating
  • How to Make Money … Baking and Cake Making
  • How to Make Money … Party Catering
  • How to Make Money … Producing Gift Baskets
  • How to Make Money … Upholstery
  • How to Make Money … Mini Farm
  • How to Make Money … Garden Refuse Removal
  • How to Make Money … Garden Maintenance Service
  • How to Make Money … House Guardian
  • How to Make Money … Training Domestic Workers
  • How to Make Money … Direct Sales
  • How to Make Money … Freelance Auctioneer
  • How to Make Money … Creative Writing
  • How to Make Money … Business Writing
  • How to Make Money … Editing and Proofreading
  • How to Make Money … Getting Published
  • How to Make Money … Wind and Solar Energy for a Greener Environment
  • How to Make Money … Handmade clothing and fashion accessories
  • How to Make Money … Marketing Your Fine Art

Editor of South African Writers’ Network (SAWN)
Columnist for Sunshine Coast EXpress (Media24) newspaper (Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, SA)

Client list includes
Think Wellness Rehabilitation, Health and Lifestyle Management Center (SA) 
Fluid Power Safety Institute (USA)
Vertical Scope (USA)
Web hosts (USA)
PC International (SA)
Ednoland (Singapore)
S.A.Yellow (SA)
Global Sources (Singapore)
MBA South Africa (SA)
Zipp Health (Ariculotherapy Clinic) SA
Zreiss (USA)
Rosleigh Tristan Communications (SA)
The Development Review (magazine) SA
Merloni Total Brand Support Consultants (SA)
Vibrations Recording Studio (SA)
DM Solutions (Dynamic Management Solutions) SA
Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) magazine (SA)
Achiever (magazine) SA
Leaders in Wellness (magazine) SA
Imaginet (Internet Service Provider) SA
Numerous authors (editorial, self-publishing) SA
Ubuntu (magazine) SA
Spiral Dynamics (South Africa)

CD Presentation for IBMSSA (International Business Management Services South Africa)
e-degree (modules for Financial/Business Journalism Course) Midrand University South Africa
Business Plan/Promotional Marketing for Educational CD-ROM — Creative Software Solutions (CSS)

Computer/Design Programs
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Power Point
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Paint Shop Pro 7
InDesign CS4


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