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Self-employment Opportunities & Skills Development

BIZculture Consulting Service

BIZculture Consulting Service

BIZculture Consulting Service assists aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners or managers to explore viable opportunities to develop their enterprise. Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises routinely face problems that threaten their chances of growing and becoming successful. We offer guidelines to help new business owners and managers identify threats and shortcomings, acquire essential skills to successfully run the business, and cut unnecessary expenses. BIZculture Consulting Service works with micro, home and small businesses, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, education bodies, online companies and webmasters, as well as individuals from every walk of life wanting to start-up a business venture. We are passionate about self-employment and business development.

Consultancy Fee: R360 that includes:

  • Screening of Prospect Inquiries
  • Initial interview and questionnaire compilation
  • Information analysis
  • Proposal development and summary of results
  • Follow-up interview and proposal negotiation
  • Consulting proposal contract: projects and price quotation

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 BIZculture Consulting Service offers more than a collection of recommended solutions; our team is able to carry out most of the specialized projects, such as developing: 

  • Auditing your customer service
  • Business Plan options
    • Micro Business Plan: Our fast-track micro business plan is perfect for deciding whether or not to proceed with a new business;
    • Business Plan for a new enterprise [Start-Up] is a formal business plan that forces the new business owner to think through the key elements necessary to start and run a business (i.e. financial aspects, sales requirements, etc.) and to build and service a client base (i.e. manpower needs, systems, etc.).
    • Turnaround Business Plan for a troubled business to rebuild a troubled business or to prevent a bankruptcy filing; root cause of problems must be identified before a new business plan can be developed.
    • Business Plan to rejuvenate the mature business (when growth stops) Established businesses today have a hard task maintaining sustainable growth and all are concerned that yesterday’s engines of wealth creation may fail and in effect reverse their prosperity. Converting a mature organization into one that is dynamic and capable of delivering innovative strategy requires the ability to initiate radical change in both strategy and organizational capability.
  • Buying a franchise
  • Company profile
  • Competitor Survey
  • Corporate history
  • Custom publication
  • Elevator pitch
  • Franchise your business
  • Funding Proposal
  • Greening your business
  • Logo Creation
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Project Management
  • Search engine optimization[SEO]
  • Training Manual
  • Web content [writing and editing]
  • Web design [layout, content, graphics]

The BIZculture Consulting Service is publicized through social media networks, blogs and forums to build awareness of the added value of consultation to your operation. Client satisfaction is the core measure of our success. We believe building a strong relationship with our clients through consistent, straightforward communication is essential to achieve our objectives.

We provide step-by-step guidelines to help you develop successful methodologies and solve unfamiliar problems. BIZculture business categories highlight key economic sectors. The intention of our BIZculture categories is to encourage self-employment [particularly among our youth]. BIZculture offers guidelines on how to generate new ideas to further develop a current business venture or launch a new start-up enterprise, as well as adopt a policy of social responsibility to boost social upliftment within impoverished communities.

Email your queries to Theresa [] so that we may develop your business.

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