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Fast Food

Fast Food

Start a small business in the fast food industry

Fast food refers to on-the-go food that can be prepared and served very quickly, and eaten without necessarily having to sit at a table, and often requires no eating utensils. Fast food is typically sold in a café, quick service restaurant, drive-through service, at filling stations and department stores or sold from a stand or kiosk by street vendors, which may provide no shelter or seating. The food generally consists of preheated or precooked ingredients, served to the customer in a styrafoam container for take-out/take-away. The capital requirements involved in opening up a non-franchised fast food business are relatively low. Restaurants with high sit-in ratios, where customers are seated at tables and have the food brought to them in a more upscale atmosphere compared to a packaged take-away, are often referred to as fast casual restaurants. Read: Food Truck Business. For those who want to learn the fundamentals of modern professional cookery [full-time/part-time/on-site chef diploma programs in Randburg, South Africa] contact the Hospitality Trainers and Associates HTA Training Academy.

Ideas for fast food include:

  • Pita (Arabic bread) with a meat, vegetable or salad filling
  • Homemade Pies (sweet and savory)
  • Deep-freeze cooking service
  • Dial-a-gourmet-cake platter/savory platter
  • Dial-a-breakfast tray (phone orders, home or office delivery)
  • Party Catering (children, adults)
  • Tea Room/Coffee Bar (muffins, decorative cup cakes)
  • Baking and Cake Making (birthday, wedding, anniversary)
  • Confectionery and Preserves
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Packed Lunches and Sandwiches
  • Party Packs for Children
  • Picnic Packs
  • Special Diet Meals

Visit your public library or local book shops for recipe books to learn how to cook tasty, nutritious food on a budget, for re-sale.

Contact Theresa ( to develop a Business Plan for you.

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