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Le Shoppe

Le Shoppe is where BIZculture showcases its handmade products, and now a booklet. Viewers can learn more about our felt puppets, seeded paper, and compact first-aid kit.

Felt Character Puppets


Learn-by-Playing felt puppets (glove or finger puppets) are ideal teaching and communication aids for anyone working with young children or patients. There is nothing children love more than getting undivided attention, besides maybe – hearing stories, which is an ideal opportunity to forge a positive bond with young learners. Constructive communication gives young children a sense of security and helps form their identity and improves their self-confidence. The value of storytelling goes beyond the importation of information – it provides an effective method of transferring traditions of culture from one generation to the next. This means that not only is the nuclear family given better definition, extended family bonds are strengthened as well and the child’s identity within society is established. Storytelling also evokes a natural curiosity for learning; the recurring memory of that story builds a permanent source of instruction in the heart and mind of the child. Click on product name for more information.

Handmade Seeded Paper


There is something magical and unique about handmade paper, particularly if it’s earth-friendly, made from 100% recycled pulp and embedded with flower or herb seeds. Incorporate handmade paper in a variety of promotional projects for: 

  • trade show product launches (bookmarks, door hangers with front pocket; pamphlets, matchbooks);
  • conference gifts, product packaging (wrappers, swing tags, matchbooks); 
  • bridal showers (wedding invitations; favors);
  • graduations (invitations); 
  • baby showers (invitations);
  • anniversaries (invitations);
  • memorial service (thank you cards, ‘green’ cremation urn/seeded pillow box or pyramid box).
  • Click on product name for more information.


Ouch Pouch First-Aid Kit

ouch-123x150An ideal promotional item for 

  • schools – as a fundraiser
  • automotive dealers – putting first-aid kits in cars
  • corporations – for image marketing and branding
  • institutions – to promote safety programs
  • any business and office – to deal with minor accidents
  • travelers, sports enthusiasts & households
  • health insurance companies – as a gift to new members
  • Click on product name for more information.


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