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Ouch Pouch First-Aid Kit



Everyone needs a compact first aid kit!

Have you ever experienced a minor injury and needed something as simple as a plaster strip and an antiseptic wipe, only to find you didn’t have any? Have you ever wished you had immediate access to treatment for heartburn? How would you react when you need to help someone who has been injured? If only you had medical gloves to reduce the risk of contamination with blood and other bodily fluid and germ transmission between yourself and the patient! You’ve schedule a meeting with an important client but your eyes are dry and irritated; an eye-drop vial would do the trick to quickly refresh your eyes, leaving them clear and sparkling. The Ouch Pouch is small enough to carry in your briefcase or handbag, or store in your cars glove compartment, for quick access. Other items like safety pins have multiple uses — from fixing a broken shoe strap to taking out a splinter; ear buds — besides the obvious, are useful to apply ointments and soothing balms to minor cuts and bruises; and CPR mouthpiece — essential when used in emergency situations to supply oxygen and produce blood flow in the heart and lungs; the mask is used to ensure that infectious diseases, germs, blood, and other bodily fluids are not transferred from the resuscitator to the patient, or vice versa.

 The Ouch Pouch first-aid kit (clear PVC plastic) contains six pockets to hold the following accessories:

1 x pair disposable latex gloves
2 x refreshing eye-drop vials
5 x fabric plaster strips 19 x 72 mm
3 x safety pins
3 x cotton ear-buds
10 x Painamol/Pacimol tablets
1 x antiseptic wipe
4 x ant-acids
1 x CPR mouthpiece (with skirt)
1 x medical information booklet

The Ouch Pouch rolls up and fastens with a press stud. Insert a card (90mm x 50mm) imprinted with your details to promote your company.





Ideal promotional item!

  • schools – as a fundraiser
  • automotive dealers – putting first-aid kits in cars
  • corporations – for image marketing and branding
  • institutions – to promote safety programs
  • any business and office – to deal with minor accidents
  • travelers, sports enthusiasts & households
  • health insurance companies – as a gift to new members

Contact Theresa ( to order Ouch Pouch kits. Minimum quantity order: 100 units.


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