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Media Marketing

Media Marketing

Media Marketing is a relatively new concept used by businesses in developing an online community, which allows consumers to congregate and share opinions of a particular brand. The online community includes blogs, message boards, product reviews, and social networking platforms — all of which contribute to a transparent forum to post positive reviews, criticisms, questions, and ideas. 

One of the primary arguments to promote the concept of media marketing is the premise that traditional advertising is losing its persuasive impact on consumers. Consumers trust feedback from like-minded peers (customer engagement, word-of-mouth advertising) more than the generic marketing messages through traditional advertising (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, direct mail).

Do you have a way with words?  Start a copy writing business; and if you have the knowledge and patience, produce correspondence and training manuals for businesses, schools and other organizations. You could also start an employment and career publication, which could in time develop into a national franchise. Or you could spread the word about health tips and new procedures and products by starting a Health-Care Newspaper, supported by local practitioners.

What about researching and writing a series of How-To Books on various topics. Setting up a Press Release Service is another option if you are keen on writing; with over 700, 000 businesses being started each year, a press release service is in high demand. As a writer you may also want to offer your services as a Proofreader; take your crusade against bad grammar and spelling, helping other writers polish their work.

Freelance as a Business Consultant: Help businesses become more successful in maximizing their profits. If you’re a former business owner or have extensive education and research in the functioning of a successful business, then this is a job worth pursuing. Choose to be self-employed traveling to different locations to assist specific departments or entire organizations that need your expertise. You may be called in to sometimes change the entire direction of a organization, which might include updating their Human Resources Guide, implementing Team Initiatives and Team Building to help company growth; and creating a PR Plan to rejuvenate a mature company.

Freelance Sales Agent: Determine your area of interest by contacting the owner or manager of each of the types of businesses in your local area. Find out if they would be interested in an additional sales rep (which is the case for many small businesses) and explain that you would be interested in providing a few additional sales for them each week on a commission only basis. Once you’ve determined that they are interested, make an appointment with each of the companies. Bring your own contract that states that you are an independent representative and that you will be remunerated on a commission only basis of 30 per cent of each sale. Working for any less than 30 per cent commission is not worth your effort, time, fuel, etc. Collect as much information on each company and products and services as possible to devise a sales strategy and match the needs of prospective customers.

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