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Custom Info graphics

Info graphics (visual journalism) are a popular way to display information on the Web. These creatively designed at-a-glance marketing messages not only help spread brand awareness and inspire consumer loyalty, they also boost your organic rankings. For these reasons alone you should consider incorporating custom info graphics into your marketing mix and customer outreach campaigns. The intention of an info graphic is to engage viewers in a pictorial rendition of your company (brand identity) while stimulating their interest in and desire for your products (brand loyalty).  The combination of informative text, charts, icons, and graphics create a storyboard to describe your products and services, which people instinctively interpret relative to their expectations. The use of self-explanatory images, bold short headlines, talking bubbles, and attention-grabbing keywords make info-graphics memorable and users will recall it in days to come. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest allow for individual info graphics to be viewed by users worldwide.

  • Info graphics are used in a variety of contexts, including PowerPoint presentations, posters (translated into foreign languages), leaflets, door hangers;
  • Info graphics are used to build brand awareness and boost your search engine ranking;
  • Info graphics provide a good platform for advertising shared via social media, which generate extra traffic through back links;
  • Info graphics are a useful tool that helps drive traffic to your site by making plain content more eye-catching.

For an info graphic to be successful as an effective marketing message it must be backed by solid research and used appropriately to convey a clear message; the research aspect is what intellectually satisfies the expectations of your target audience.

Contact Theresa ( to discuss the creation of a storyboard to design one or more custom info graphics for your business.

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