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Company Profile

Company Profile

A company profile is an important part of any business. It allows you to describe details of your services, goals, and expertise to potential customers and service providers. The company profile must create a good first impression of your business. The information can be posted on your Web site or published in your annual report or relevant business directories to give potential clients insight into the kind of company you operate.

It is important to make the content of your Company Profile interesting by including the human element of your business; include a professional head-and-shoulders photo and details of a contact person for those seeking further information. The company profile should be reviewed on a regular basis and brought up to date as needed.

Most business-to-business negotiations today require a company profile as essential validation to secure a transaction or partnership. While the format for company profiles is essentially open-ended, it is important to provide relevant details in a concise manner. A company profile describes a firm’s history and milestones; organizational and management structure (concise biographies for key members of the company, including the CEO and chief consultants), reputation; human capital; financial and physical resources; past, current and anticipated performance; and the standing of its goods and services, as well as the mission statement, financial statement, employee profile and scope of short term and long term goals.

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