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Self-employment Opportunities & Skills Development

Can’t find work?

Can’t find work?

If you can’t find work with your present set of skills and qualifications, then learn skills the market requires even it’s an industry far removed from what you are familiar with. Read books on the subject, talk to people already established in this line of work, study online tutorials, enroll in a course or post-graduate degree, volunteer your services, or enroll in an internship or apprenticeship.

Many high school leavers and university graduates are disillusioned when they discover that job opportunities in their specific field of interest or area of study are hard to come by. You may have a B.A Degree in Ancient Civilizations, a field you pursued with genuine passion only to discover there is scant demand for your knowledge in our modern employment context, unless you aspire to become a teacher, but a position within academia requires a Ph. D. in order to teach at university level. Other jobs include research or working for museums.

What if your education in the hospitality hotel industry falls short of your expectations of a career? It may be so that many job-seekers will rejoice at the prospect of a career in historical research or hospitality and tourism, but if these fields do not enthuse you it is incumbent upon yourself to discover your true vocational path—even if it means going back to the drawing board and starting from scratch. Besides, having varied skills opens a wider choice of job options.

            Become multi-skilled

The healthcare and technology industries today offer the most openings. The same is true for truck drivers, retail personnel, managers, accountants and auditors. But then again you may enjoy writing, painting murals, landscape gardening, up-cycling bric-a-brac, or selling collectibles online. Starting a small business would launch your career. In your search for a feasible livelihood you may discover your niche lies in a ‘green’ career such as designing compact homes made from recycled materials or using shipping containers. What about organic tunnel farming? Perhaps you are a gifted fashion designer; why not start a new trend in eco-friendly clothing.

Interestingly, jobs in the agricultural and manufacturing fields are touted as the most secure of all. These days the demographics of agricultural workers vary significantly; while the industry targets young adults to start an agri-business there is a growing number of aspiring farmers 55 years old or older. Agriculture is serious business for the strong-willed, and farmers today need a solid education in science, environmental conservation, technology, engineering, and mathematics. However, career opportunities in farming are not only for those who study agriculture but are also related to all aspects of business management. An important peripheral career within the agricultural field is the study of insects [entomology] and their role in climate change.

            Construction Industry

Our geographic landscape is forever changing, both urban and rural. New habitations, shopping malls, leisure centers, factories and office blocks are constantly being built. Older buildings undergo green remodeling to be more energy efficient and generally environmentally-friendly. Multi-level skyscrapers compete for center-stage against a backdrop of sky and clouds. But what training is needed to become a contractor or construction worker? Many educational career paths are open in this industry.

A trade can be learned on-the-job, attending classes at a trade school or obtaining a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering technology. However, many workers start as unskilled laborers to learn the basics of the trade, then go on to specialize in a specific construction craft such as floor, wall and roof installation. Standard training involves selecting building materials for projects, installation using power and hand tools, and reading and interpreting blueprints. Following trade school training, many workers continue practical training as an apprentice, which could take up to five years. The apprenticeship affords the trainee the opportunity to develop specialized skills, such as cabinet making or interior systems.

            Property Developer

Working in the construction industry allows you to gain comprehensive knowledge to set up an independent company as a property developer. Buying fixer-upper properties at below market value and modernizing the building for re-sale, is big business. A property developer should study property finance, valuation, property law, negotiation, investment, development, marketing and management. In addition, the property developer must have knowledge of how to upgrade a property, including faded paintwork, worn carpets, scuffed and scarred countertops, old light fittings and an overgrown garden. If the structural “bones” of the building are unsound or the wiring is not to code the developer must contract a professional tradesperson to bring it up to standard. Other problems include roof leaks and stained ceilings, replacing old plumbing, taking out non-load bearing walls, replacing tiles and floorboards, gutting an old kitchen, poor drainage, and so forth.

            Small Scale Manufacturing

Do you want to become an industrialist? Venturing into a small scale manufacturing business means that you produce goods that people need. You could make handmade paper with pressed flower petals from 100% recycled waste paper. Other products include hand painted ceramic beads; decorative color-tinted cement tiles; embossed leather goods like wallets, belts, and bags; one-size-fits-all wrap-around maternity dress; hand-sewn sheepskin slippers; or Shemagh scarves [112cm x 112cm], which que efecto tiene el viagra en hombre have numerous practical uses including dust or sun protection, sarong, arm sling, blanket, pillow, and a bag. Make it in natural eco-friendly fabric.

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